Question:  What do I do if I accidentally broke a granite countertop?  Can it be fixed?

Answer:  Don’t panic.  It is still possible to fix a broken countertop.  You should do it as soon as possible to avoid worsening the damage.

When I had my kitchen redesigned, my wife and I opted to use a granite countertop solely for the reason that it is durable.  But sometimes these stones can chip on the edges that is why it is also very important that you regularly check the edges and the floor to see if there are any damages and that the chipped part are still there or on the floor.

Our granite countertop has been there for at least 4 years and so far we only had few chipped edges that we had to fix.

My family loves parties and we hold at least one small to medium gathering once a month.  I usually cook for 10-15 people maximum and I really use my kitchen that often.  I do my chopping and food preparation in that same kitchen countertop.  My wife chose black granite so that it will be easier to clean and smudges are not that obvious.  There was a time when I was chopping a baby back rib and my swing got to heavy on the board.  It caused the granite to chip off on the edge.  Good thing is I was able to notice the small part that was taken off.  I searched the Internet and I just followed 4 easy steps.  Let me share this with you:

  1. Remove and wipe off the dirt on the broken part and on the edge.  Make sure that it is clean before you apply the epoxy.  Using 1 cup of ammonia mixed with a gallon of water may also help you in cleaning the edges.
  2. Get an epoxy that closely matches the color of your granite.  Avoid spreading the epoxy on other parts that are not affected.
  3. Get the chipped part and fit it to the countertop where it was originally positioned.  Hold it for a few minutes ensuring that it is tightly secured.
  4. Allow it to dry up for at least 24 hours.  Don’t use your countertop during drying period.  Clean after drying.  Wipe with wet cloth.

I would not recommend doing it on your own if it requires a bigger repair.  These steps are only for small portions.  You might want to contact a professional for bigger damage.  They might need to cut that portion and replace it with a new one.  They will also need a high quality diamond blade to do that job which you may not have as of the moment.



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